High voltage transmission lines

HQ Engineering Italia has recently acquired the international skills and expertise of the company Fast Srl (former Old Towers) concerning the design of high voltage transmission lines. Our Power Lines division is able to develop complete projects for the construction and the start up of new transmission lines, providing a high-level performance, analysis of Tender specifications in order to guarantee an important saving on the costs of steel lattice towers and compliance with the delivery terms.
In the structural design of towers for high voltage transmission lines HQ Engineering Italia offers support from the analysis and interpretation of the Tender specifications until the assistance in Tower Test Station.
HQ Engineering Italia with its specialized Engineers can solve the various problems of any kind of Technical Specification.
We are able to provide a preliminary design for towers and foundations of highest quality, ensuring the stage of detailed design with the support of experienced drafters, in order to reduce the costs of construction/erection of the towers.
Our team is completed by specialists able to develop geological surveys and tests and topographic analysis. We also provide study for an optimized tower spotting complete with stringing tables.
In order to be able to guarantee a quality process in all stages of the design, the company adopted a quality system obtaining the certification, from the Interteck standard, that complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification. HQ Engineering Italia is heavily focused on Health and safety from the preliminary stage of the design and from 2011 HQ Engineering Italia has been awarded certification for OHSAS 18001(Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Series).


  • Analysis and interpretation of the Tender specifications
  • Preliminary towers design and foundations
  • Detailed design
  • Drawings of workshop complete with bill of materials
  • Topography survey and geotechnical tests
  • Towers Spotting Optimized with Stringing tables

Roberto Fermi - roberto.fermi@hqe.it
Mobile: 3356939629
Via Gallarate 211 Milano.

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Reference List

SAE - Mr. Leva - Milano (Italy)

ALSTOM - Mr. Giubilei - Roma (Italy)

ALCATEL - Mr. Novati - Milano (Italy)

BRAMETAL - Mr. Scotti - Brasil

CEGELEC - Mr. Ladet - Paris (France)

CONSULTANT - Mr. H. Brian White - Canada

CONSULTANT - Mr. Barbarito - Milano (Italy)

CONSULTANT - Mr. Finzi - Milano (Italy)

CTE - Mr. Cassina - Acqui Terme (Italy)

ELCA/CEIT - Mr. Zanoni - Verona (Italy)

ELECNOR - Mr. R. Algimiro - Madrid (Espane)

ETDE - Mr. C. Eude - France

FUJIKURA - Mr. Yoshimura - Tokio (Japan)

HIDADA - Mr. Hamdi Farag - Saudi Arabia

ISOLUX - Mr. G. Gazcon - Espane

IVO - Mrs. V. Numminen - Vantaa (Finland)

MGM - Mr. Giudici - Milano (Italy)

NPCC - Mr. Masood Hamid - Riyadh (Saudi Arabia)

PECO - Mr. Suhail Saeed - Lahore (Pakistan)

P. y M. ACERO GALV. - Mrs. G. Mendoza - Caracas (Venezuela)

REBAIOLI S.p.A. - Mr. Iorio - Darfo Boario (Italy)

SAG - Mr. G. Mueller - Frankfurt (Germany)

SALINI Costruz. - Mr. Salini - Roma (Italy)

SIRTI - Mr. Chieregati - Milano (Italy)

SNAM - Mr. Taglioli - S.Giuliano M.se (Italy)

TECHINT MEX. - Mr. Pepe - Mexico City

TECHINT Milano - Mr. Judica - Milano (Italy)

ZAMIL TOWERS - Mr. Annoni - Saudi Arabia


Main Jobs

2000 C.L.P. (CHINA) 400 kV Towers Design & Shop Dwg and Masts (FUJIKURA)

2001 WAPDA (PAKISTAN) 500 kV Towers Design & Shop Dwg and Towers Tests (PECO)

2001 COSTA RICA 138 kV Towers Design (COLOMBO SpA)

2002 F.S. (ITALY) 132 kV Towers Design (ALCATEL)

2002 C.F.E. (MEXICO) 230/400 kV Towers Des. & Shop Dwg Towers Tests (TECHINT MEX.)


2002 C.D.E. (S. DOMINGO) 138 kV Towers Design (P. y M.)

2003 C.F.E. (MEXICO) 230/400 kV Towers Design (TECHINT MEX.)

2003 HONDURAS 230 kV Towers Design (ABB)

2003 MOZAMBICO 220 kV Towers Design (SAE POWER)

2004 SONEGAS (ALGERIA) 230 kV Towers Design (ABB)

2004 C.F.E. (MEXICO) 230/400 kV Towers Design (TECHINT MEX.)

2005 JP ESB (SERBIA) 110 kV Towers Design & Shop Drawings and foundation design (SAG)

2005 EDISON (ITALY) 380 kV Towers Design (COLOMBO SpA)

2006 NEK (BULGARIA) 400 kV Towers Design & Shop Drawings and foundation design (SAG)

2006 SIEPAC (AMERICA C.) 230 kV Towers Des. & Shop Drawings Towers Tests (TECHINT MEX.)

2007 SEC (SAUDI ARABIA) 380 kV verification and crossing towers (NPCC)

2007 SAG (GERMANY) Preliminary Design for 200 & 400 kV OHTL Tenders

2008 ICE (COSTA RICA) 230 kV Towers Design & Shop Drawings (P.y M.)

2008     ELECTROGAZ (RWANDA) 30-60 kV Towers Design & Shop Drawings (SAG)

2009     EEPCO 30 Kv Towers Design & Shop Drawings (ETDE)

2010 SALINI (ETHIOPIA) 60 kV Towers Design & Shop Drawings (Rebaioli)

2011 SALINI (NIGERIA) 132 kV Towers Design & Shop Drawings (CTE)

2012 F.S. Italia 130-220 kV Verification and Thopografic (CTE)

2012-2013 Finland (Fingrid) 132 kV Towers Design & Shop Drawings (Sirti)